From the Archives!: I Am More Than My Sensory Processing Disorder.

This post is from a while back, but the message still applies to my life and I’m sure your lives as well. We are more than our Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)!

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This past week I have been wrestling with the thought, “Was I created with Sensory Processing Disorder on purpose, or was it an accident?”.

The question seemed to always be there, haunting my steps. Until some friends pointed out that I wasn’t questioning where my disability came from, I was questioning my value.

Am I more than my Sensory Processing Disorder?

Do I have worth outside of my SPD or is my worth dictated by SPD’s presence in my life?

Sometimes when you realize that you have a disability, you get so carried away with how it effects you. You start reading all the books you can get our hands on, and investigating every little thing. You can even become so carried away with your new discovery that you overwhelm your friends with information and facts that they really don’t need to hear.

Ultimately we loose sight of who we truly are.

So Who Am I?Cool Harp Pic 1

I am a dreamer. Who loves to do things that shake, rattle and roll people’s worlds.

I am a leader. Planning events and leading people with projects makes me very happy.

Music is an intricate part of my heart. I feel more myself when I listen to good music (whether that is new music or old music that may date back to the 1950’s) and I love creating music more than anything!

I have a laugh that is very loud, but I had one friend of mine say that it lights up a room.

These are just some of the qualities that make up the person I am.

I am not trying to show off by printing these things, in fact it is hard for me to write good things about myself. Often, I tend to see all my faults instead of my qualities.

No, I am just trying to show you that there is more to me than just my SPD.

I am still me and you are still you.

I may have just discovered that I have Sensory Processing Disorder, and yes, I may do things a little differently than I did before, but that doesn’t change the fact that I am still me and it’s the same with you too. You have worth!

But we don’t just have worth because of our personality or ability.

I am a child of God and that gives me worth!

We are all intricately created and loved by God! My Sensory Processing Disorder is a tool in His hands. It is something He uses to shape my heart. He doesn’t love me just because I have SPD, but because I am me.

So, stop seeing yourself in the shadow of your disability. Yes, it is hard. It’s a battle. It may be a struggle to interact with people, and sometimes you may be overwhelmed with what you can’t be, or what you can’t do, but that doesn’t make you any less you.

You are precious. Not because I say so, but because God says so.

With or without SPD I am still me! Can you say the same?

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The More The Merrier!- How I came to own and play ten different instruments.

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If you’ve listened to my CD- Songstress– you probably have noticed the wide variety of instruments in each song.

Believe it or not, all the instruments on my CD are played by me.

Including the rhythm instruments, I play over ten different instruments and here’s how that came to be:

The Beginning: Many years ago, as I was helping my parents clean out a closet in their bedroom, I stumbled across a small guitar. The minute I saw that guitar, and held it in my hands, I knew that I had to learn this instrument.

I needed to create music!

So my mom (who had been a guitar player once) showed me some beginning chords and gave me a few simple songs. From then on, my guitar became a part of me- an outlet for me to express what I had pent up inside of me.

Not exactly sure which instrument came next. Perhaps the banjo, or the hammer dulcimer, or the penny whistle. All I know is that with each new instrument, came a new way to express the music that I had within me.

Dulcimer pic inhanced 1The instruments soothed my senses. Created new pathways for growth. And inspired me to create.

I will never forget the day I purchased my Celtic harp. Touching it’s strings for the first time was like touching a piece of my heart.

After more than 6 years, I play Banjo, 2 Celtic Harps, Native American Flute, Hammered and Lap/mountain Dulcimers, Penny Whistle, Autoharp, Ceramic Drum, multiple types of guitar including nylon and steel stringed, and a few more.

Like having different friends in your life that bring out different parts of your personality, playing different instruments brings out different parts of my musical inspiration.

My guitar will always be my first and best “friend”. Just as a childhood friend is dear to you because it was one of your first friendships, so is the first instrument I touched to me.

I can’t imagine limiting myself to just one instrument and spending all my time with just that one. That would be like shutting out all your other friends to spent time with just one particular friend.Heart Harp Pic

Honestly, it’s not easy learning so many instruments, and I have to realize that there are some instruments I will never get to know as well as other musicians have, but that’s ok. Again, just like our friendships and how each of them have their own level of acquaintance, so it is the same with studying different instruments.

It’s not easy, but it’s FUN!

I know my music and my life is better because of all the instruments I play.

I sometimes wish I could clone myself so I could play them all at once, but happily, through technology, I have been given the ability to hear all of them played at once through the recording process.

I would love it if you too would join me in the enjoyment of hearing multiple instruments played together on my CD Songstress: Click here to hear a sample.

Keep the music alive everyone!


P.S. I would love to hear from YOU! Please leave a comment below of at least one word (or a smiley face) to let me know what you think about my music or my blog. Thanks. God bless!


The Internet OR The door out of our bubble for those with Sensory Processing Disorder

Internet post cover photo

Obviously, if you are reading this blog, the internet is already a part of your life. It’s commonly a huge part of most people’s lives.

We set up events, write articles, read articles, learn things, do business, manage money, etc, all through the internet. We even develop and meet friends through the internet.

  • But is this a good thing?

Is the internet truly a good thing for us, socially speaking. Many people look at the internet and see people developing their own “little worlds” or replacing real, social interactions with web interactions.

So in one sense the internet is creating a bubble society. Where everybody stays in their bubble and rarely step out of those bubble to connect with people.

  • But what if you were forced into a bubble that wasn’t created by the internet?

Those of you who deal with Sensory Processing Disorder can probably see what I am getting at. Our world is constantly bombarded by our surroundings. So much so that our worlds are confined to certain places, certain interactions, and even certain people too.

Our SPD create a bubble that we are forced to live in every day.

However, when the internet came into our lives, something changed for us with SPD. Instead of the internet creating a bubble (like it does for some), it allowed us to expand our bubble, bigger and bigger.

Internet Bubble Quote

  • It gave us a door to see, to learn, and to speak into our world from within our bubble.

Now, we can develop friendships, help people, and get support through sites like Facebook or Instagram. We can learn how to make things through sites like Pinterest. We can purchase things we need on or Etsy.

It isn’t a replacement, but it is a pretty good substitute.

Sure we who have SPD would love to able to go shopping in malls, go to social outings, and many other things where physical interaction thrives (and we are always trying to stretch our boundaries), but many times during the week, we are too worn out by daily activities to even think about going somewhere. Many days we spend our evenings alone under our weighted blankets, recovering from a meltdown or an overload from our senses.

No, the internet isn’t a replacement, but it does give a little comfort to us on those lonely nights. It does allow an outlet for what we so desire to share with others.

We who have SPD have a lot we want to do and want to be. We have a lot to share with others and the internet gives us that ability.

So those of you who have SPD,  don’t be ashamed of your limitations and don’t be ashamed that you only spend one or two evening with others and spend most of your free time on the internet. Use this gift that God has given us to His use. Pray for those on Facebook. Write blogs that share your world, and learn to be the best person you can be.

How have you been helped by the internet? How can you use the internet to shake your world? Please leave a comment of at least one word below of how you feel about the internet and how you can do more through the door it creates (a smiley face will do).

God bless and thanks for reading.

~Annetta Nesler


Journaling=The Hearts Outlet

Header for Journal post

There are many people out there writing blog posts about how beneficial writing in a journal can be, and honestly I never agreed with them…

Until I learned something.

Many people put a lot of emphasis how it helps you remember events or feelings in your life. Or how it will might be passed down to your children or grandchildren, but what they tend to skip over is the importance it is in the moment- to yourself.

  • The story of how I came to receive my companion- my journal:

The Christmas my Dad lost his job he had worked at for twenty years was to say the least hard. Because I live in my parents home and my main “Job” is helping my mom who has MS, this loss was felt by all of us. It effected us financially as well as emotionally, and there were many times when I felt lost in the thoughts of “what do we do now”. I experience sadness, feelings of loneliness, and a deep need to express what I was thinking.

It was into this storm that a special basket came into our lives. In this basket contained not only gift cards and food items to help ease our financial burden, but also a small journal.

As I looked through the basket with my parents, I began sense that that journal was sent by some caring person who knew how important it is to have a place to pour out ones emotions and thoughts.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I have many friends and my relationship with my Savior is very precious, so I was not completely alone. But for the emotional outbreaks, the frustrations, and the many other things that are hard to express verbally, I struggled to find an outlet. I would pray and it helped, but it would never allow me time to really digest what I was feeling.

Pic For Post on Journaling

Writing in my journal soon became my listening ear. An ear that would hear everything, even the things that no one would ever know.

  • My secrets are safe with my journal.

When we struggle, whether it is with our Sensory Processing Disorder, our emotions, our health, or our relationships, it is so important to find a safe outlet. Keeping a journal gave me a place to express what I could never share to the world, or even to those close to me.

 Journaling has helped me express what I couldn’t keep inside.

I also know that God is always there reading over my shoulder and healing my heart as I express what I keep bottled up within my heart.


How about you? Have you found something else that is more helpful as an outlet? Then rejoice, because that is something precious!

If you don’t, I would encourage you to go to a store and pick out a journal. Any journal that touches your heart will do. Remember, it doesn’t have to be expensive to be special.

Don’t worry about what to write or how well you write either. Whatever you would love to share with a very, very special someone is exactly what you should write in that journal. Don’t be afraid!

Also, please comment below to let me know how this blog helped you. It doesn’t have to be long or complicated. Just a simple smiley face would be enough.

God bless you and thank you for reading.