What you gain, even if a business or personal event doesn’t go as planned.


I just got back from the Renaissance Faire last week. Being a vendor for the first time wasn’t an easy experience, and my profit was well below what I had hoped. In fact, on Saturday I was fighting back the disappointment so much that depression crept in a little.

Until, I started to open my eyes and saw the things I gained through the experience:

I gained friendship.

One of my friends helped me the entire time I was at the Faire and I am so grateful to her! I don’t know what I would have done without that support. Plus, some friends of mine came by the booth to offer their support and share a hug.

Those people that came gave me a great gift by just being there!

I gained memories.

Throughout the Faire on Saturday, I played music for all who passed by. At one point, as I played an old Irish tune called Wild Mountain Thyme, a man passing by heard the tune and joined in; adding his harmony during the chorus.

On Saturday, the wind was so strong it blew the top of my tent off. I rushed to grab it, and to my surprise I saw seven other vendors gathering around all holding a side. My eyes filled with tears as I saw them come to my aid and I was so thankful for their help!

Yes, it wasn’t easy, but usually the hardest endeavors yield more memories.

You know it was a good experience when you create memories, and those memories will forever be in my heart and mind.

Finally, I gained experience.

Experience is a valuable asset that is only gained by stepping outside our limits and stretching our limitations. I discovered that I can handle more than I thought I could. My Sensory Processing Disorder was definitely there, like the rearing, untrained horse that it is. But throughout the Faire, I held a tight grip on the reins of my SPD, and learned that I am more than my SPD.

Indeed, I might not have made a ton of sales, but that doesn’t mean I am poor. No, I am very rich!

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And so are you! Every time you stretch your limits you gain so much, all you need are the eyes to see it!

God teaches us through the good and the bad endeavors. And just because it goes badly, doesn’t mean God was not there using it in your life. I prayed through the entire time my tent was being violently blown by the wind and He answered by providing kind vendors to lend a helping hand.

In life and in business there are risks, but with those risks come surprisingly great and unique rewards. Even in a complete failure, you gain something.

So open your eyes wide and stop being blind to the hidden blessings that are all around you.


I’m curious. Have you planned an event, had an experience, or participated in something that has had hidden blessings? Was it hard to see those blessings? Feel free to share about them below. I would love to hear your stories.

God bless!

~Annetta Nesler

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