Welcome to my Bio! It’s kind of long, because I have so many facets of myself that make up this website, so feel free to skim through to the places that apply to your reason for visiting.

Some of the topics listed here are: My family and my introduction to disability, My first health battle (discovery my Gluten intolerance), My battle with depression, My music background/history, and finally My second health battle (discovery my SPD),



To all of you who visit my site, you might think that I have experienced a life full of blessings and fortunate happenings, but the reality is my life has not been easy… but it has been good!


My Family at my high school graduation. From left to right: My Mom (Kathy), my Dad (Tom), and my only sibling Havalyn (who is a missionary now)


Part 1: My family and my introduction to disability

When I was five years old my mother was diagnosed with Multiple Schleorisis (MS for short) and continually got worse and worse throughout my life. Now, I am not only a musician and a writer, but I am also a part-time caregiver to my Mom, who is unable to transfer herself from bed to her wheel chair anymore without my Dad or I helping.

The fact that my mother was sick and slowly getting worse was not easy on me as a child, but by the time I grew up enough to understand what was going on, in my mind my Mom had always been sick (I didn’t remember a time without her MS), which made it it a little easier on me than my sister.

Disability was just a part of life. A part of my world from day one and I think (despite the hard situation it was) I am really blessed to have grown up with it.


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Part two: My first health battle (discovery my Gluten intolerance)

By the time I was thirteen years old, my owl health had begun to get bad as well. I felt tired out by the smallest activity, my stomach was constantly upset with my food (to the point that I was throwing up every week), and near the end of my health troubles I was almost completely confined to my bed for months.

When this happened I finally looked for a doctor who would give me answers and, after finding one, the doctor diagnosed that I was Gluten intolerant. I also went off of dairy at that time too.


Sad Picture for Blog 2Part three: My battle with depression

During this first bout of illness, I also experienced some major depression. I was a teenager who was so sick that I had no social life, no understanding what was happening, and had no idea how to change it.

Life had no meaning. As Ecclesiastes says,

“Meaningless! Meaningless!” says the Teacher. “Utterly meaningless! Everything is meaningless.”~ Ecc 1:2

I questioned God, the meaning of life… everything, mostly because I had reached the bottom of all the world had to offer me.

About time my health started to really get better that I started to see a christian counselor. He was an amazing man and he gave me a book called “The Practice of The Presence of God” that changed my life forever.

I began to see Jesus as not this far off, harsh ruler, but as He truly is: My savior, my loving redeemer, my friend, my Companion, my Beloved Shepherd, and I saw that He was not far off, but always near me, both physically and spiritually.

Suddenly the sun broke through my world! I was seventeen, my health was improving, and my relationship with God was wonderful!


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Part four: My music background/history

Then came a few rocks… College…

I had started playing the guitar when I was fifteen, so it was clear that whatever I went into, it had to be related to music! By the time I had graduated, I had learned the banjo, hammered Dulcimer, and many other instruments, so recording had always struck a chord so to speak.

So, after looking at a few colleges, praying a lot, suffering through the SAT test, and all that stuff… I came to a decision:

College was NOT for me!

I knew that everyone expected me to go, but I knew it was wrong. All that money going into something that would be stressful, filled with strange purposeless classes (called gen eds), and living in a confined space (that was smaller than my current bedroom). No thanks.

So as all my fellow peers went off to do their time in college, I started exploring a form of self-educating- reading a lot!

Honestly, my dream since I was fifteen was to record a CD with my own original songs. So with the help of some money my Grandmother left me and a lot of reading and research, I embarked on the journey towards being an Independent Musician. And I have NEVER regretted that choice!

It has been hard, but I am proud that everything I’ve learned I have learned on my own and from some of the best writers on recording and music in the business.

I was set. My recording gear was working great, my understanding of it was primed, and my CD was almost complete. Until…



Part five: My second health battle (discovery my Sensory Processing Disorder)

I started to have more troubles with my health and this time it was different. I was not only struggling with digestive issues, but I was having panic attacks. I was sensitive to every little sound, texture, taste, and environment, much more than I had ever felt before.

My world was getting smaller and smaller and I had no idea why.

Like before, I did find help with another naturapath doctor and got some digestive enzymes to help with the digestive issues, but the other part of my battle was still a mystery.

That is until I was riding in a car with a friend of mine who has a child with Down Syndrome. I was telling her about my issues with sound, sights, etc. I was also recounting some of my past issues with lights and certain environments I had experienced as a kid. Then she said the magic words that changed my life forever!

“I think you might have Sensory Processing Disorder.”

What! You mean I’m not crazy” was my first response.

Like many people I had never heard of Sensory Processing Disorder, so I began to read every SPD book I could get my hands on. Looking into websites, forums, and Facebook groups.

My conclusion was: I have Sensory Processing Disorder! I have special needs. I am disabled.

After finding this out, my world opened up in a way that it never had before! I discovered answers and sensory tools that helped get back from negative numbers and started to climb towards +10!

Now I not only write about SPD, but I am in connection with at least sixty people with SPD. I am close Facebook friends with nearly five of those. And I have never met a more encouraging, more inviting group of people in my life! I am so blessed to have SPD, just because I am able to know these wonderful people.


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My life isn’t over. I’m only twenty two years old, so this Bio isn’t finished.

But I am so excited to see the growth and the new life that God continually gives me day by day.

Through all of this Bio my life has been safely in His hands, from the very moment I excepted Jesus sacrifice at age five until now. And it will continue that way until I breath my last.


“When I was a child, I remember thinking,

‘I will never be able to write a biography about myself. 

My life is so boring'”

Oh how wrong I was!

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  1. Great work on your Bio. So sorry you had a tuff life. But you made it threw all those cobwebs threw your journey of life.

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