The Only Tune

Verse 1

In the morning hours, when I’m rising from my sleep.
I open my eyes slowly, tis your smile that I meet.
Your voice is warm and tender, your love it is so deep.
You rouse me from my slumbers. Your nearness is so sweet.

Verse 2

And in the bright noon hour, when I feel so alone.
You hold me in your arms and I feel that I’m at home.
For all have now deserted, you’re the one who’s by my side,
And as you whisper softly, I gaze into your eyes.


Let the fiddle sing in the morning. Let the fiddle sing at noon, but I know in all the hours, your voice is the only tune.

Verse 3

And when the day is through, I see all that you have done.
They may say that I’ve lost, but I say that I have won.
And as the sun sinks down, as the birds they go to bed, I know that on my Lord, I can safely lay my head.


(This song and these words are copyrighted and owned by Annetta Nesler. Please do not copy or use on other products/sites without permission. Thank you. Annetta Nesler Copyrighted 2014. All rights reserved)

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