How Long

Verse 1:

When did you fall out of my reach?

When was this boat that held my hope get beached?

How did my heart go so wrong?

How long, how long?

I know it shouldn’t be this way, I barely even knew.

I guess I wasn’t meant to be, to be with you.

How did my hear go so wrong?

How long, how long?


Is there someone out there?

Is there one for me in this lions lair?

I’m sick of wishing on a star. I feel like I am so far.

How long so I have to pretend?

Are you more than just a friend?

Verse 2:

When I’m with you, I feel complete.

And when we are apart, I can’t wait until we meet.

How long till my heart shows, the things I want you to know?

(Rep Chorus)


How could I be betrayed, I feel like my life has just frayed.

Don’t turn your face away from mine.

I’ve been betrayed by you and by time!

(Rep Chorus)


Are you more than just a friend, or is this the end.

(This song and these words are copyrighted and owned by Annetta Nesler. Please do not copy or use on other products/sites without permission. Thank you. Annetta Nesler Copyrighted 2014. All rights reserved)

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