Once Again

Verse 1:

It’s nice to be back home again. It’s been a long, long time since I’ve seen you my friend.

The roads been kind of bumpy I’ve gotta say. But the Lord’s been with me every step of the way.


The highways and the byways, the many roads I take, they don’t seem to wipe away all my mistakes.

The side roads and the high roads, they lead me to one place, I just end up always here once again.

Verse 2:

It’s nice to be back to the start. It gives my soul a chance, a chance to heal my heart.

When ever I reach the start again, your always waiting for me. Your always there my friend.

(Rep Chorus)


Hold me in your arms, let me look into your eyes, cause it seems like such a long, long time.

And I never realized how happy it makes me to be by your side…. once again.

(Rep Chorus)

(This song and these words are copyrighted and owned by Annetta Nesler. Please do not copy or use on other products/sites without permission. Thank you. Annetta Nesler Copyrighted 2014. All rights reserved)

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