The Woman Dressed In White

Verse 1:

A woman dressed in white, disturbs inside the light. Though neighbors watch with wide eyes and fright.

They say it’s very queer that the woman never draws near, she just stays in her house the place that she holds so dear.

Chorus 1:

But deep inside the houses walls, amidst her work with draping shawl, she seems to be content in her own little world.

And in her letter’s she is consumed by the daily comforts of her own rooms and there she finds what other have not even seen.

Verse 2:

So each day she takes some of her time just to make, with words in her head she makes wonderful cakes.

Taking care of her mothers cries as her mothers heart slowly dies. Each day she finds more words that she can tie.

Chorus 2:

Deep inside the houses and out of sight all she needs is a pen and ink to write, words that have helped so many hearts.

Though sadness comes at every bend the words that she so richly lends, for she had found what others have not even seen.

Verse 3:

And when her time was done before she could raise her heart from one another death around the corner would soon come.

And in the house where she loved the best, she fainted away and went to rest, and what is left of her life’s work still stands the test.

(This song and these words are copyrighted and owned by Annetta Nesler. Please do not copy or use on other products/sites without permission. Thank you. Annetta Nesler Copyrighted 2014. All rights reserved)

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