Little Man On The Watch Tower

Verse 1:

Little man on the watch tower, what do you see? Looking down from such lofty heights, do you see me?

No matter how hard you gaze, no matter how hard you look, you can never catch a glimpse into futures book.

Little man on the watch tower, high up above. Have you learned anything, have you learned to love?

In your many day’s, in your many years, have you ever seen a smile through all those streaming tears?


Don’t look now, you’re hanging by a thread.

There’s fear and there is dread deep inside your bowers.

Can you tell? Or don’t you do the choosing? You’re the one’s who loosing.

Little man on the the watch tower.

Verse 2:

Little man on the watch tower, who are your friends? Are they the birds in the air? Are just pretend?

But it doesn’t seem to matter, you don’t seem to care. You’re too busy protecting yourself from someone who’s not there.

Little man on the watch tower, someday you’ll cry. Cause you haven’t done anything, you didn’t even try.

You’re turrets are build so high you have failed to see, being scared is not what you were meant to be.

(Rep Chorus)


Bricks steal and stone are all your own, but where’s the joy inside?

Guns and chivalry, blocking what you can see. From what do you wish to hide?

(Rep Chorus)

(This song and these words are copyrighted and owned by Annetta Nesler. Please do not copy or use on other products/sites without permission. Thank you. Annetta Nesler Copyrighted 2014. All rights reserved)

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